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Motors For Electric Vehicle

1454253383.jpgHigh efficient motors for electric vehicle
Model Number:    BLDC1.3-90
Type:    Traction motor
Output Power:    1.3KW
DC Voltage:   24V
Speed Range:    3000rpm-4000RPM
Poles: 4P, 6P, 8P…

Brand Name:Volcano ElectricModel Number:BLDC1.3-90Type:Traction motor
Output Power:1.3KWDC Voltage:24VSpeed Range:3000rpm-4000RPM
Controller:Customized, OptionalBraker:OptionalInsulation Class:Class F
Enclosure:IP44 / IP54Poles:4P, 6P, 8P…Wire:100% copper
Housing:AluminumEfficiency:IE 4.0 , high efficiency over 90%Fan:Optional
Duty:S1 (continuous) / S2Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Standard:IEC / NEMA Frame, customized Frame Available
Application:electric vehicle, forklift, traction motor, electric pallet truck, Electric Van

Product Description

Volcano Electric design and produce various high efficient motors in electric vehicle, by different applications. We have professional R&D team in developing motors in electric forklifts, electric pallet truck, electric van, electric traction motors, electric golf cart, sightseeing vehicle on tour etc. these applications need the battery to supply power. Thus high efficient motors can prolong the life of the battery.

With the following advantages of these motors, we can offer AC motors, brushless DC motors as well as Brushed DC motors.

1. high efficient at wide speed range

2. high ability of overload working

3. operate stably

Some Variable Speed Asynchronous motors ( AC motors) offered in our factory.


Motor typeOutputVoltageLoadPower FactorFreq.SpeedRated TorquePeak TorqueEff.NoiseEncoder

Performance of AC traction motors

Some rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motors in our factory


Motor typeOutputVoltageLoadSpeedRated TorquePolesEfficiencyNoise

performance of brushless DC traction motors

Because of the high efficiency at wide speed range, brushless DC motors are widely used at variable speed conditions.


This motor used in Electric vehicles, compared to asynchronous induction motor system. Thanks to its advantages listed below, which is to be used that have variable requirements provides up to 35% energy saving and improves the traction system service life.

High efficiency at variable speed 

At constant speed that both asynchronous motor and permanent magnet DC motors can work at high efficiency. But using asynchronous motor, when the motor speed is changed, the motor efficiency goes down sharply, but using the permanent magnet DC, at a wide speed range, the motor efficiency keeps at a high efficiency. 

Soft Start and Longevity

Excessive current drawn during the star-delta of the electrical motor (starting current) and the mechanic loads are eliminated thanks to the soft start and stop features of this system. As a result, longevity of the motor equipment improves and maintenance costs decrease.

The configuration of these motors are exactly same to conventional electric motors, basically NEMA standard or IEC standard frame motors. Thus, these Brushless DC motors can be replaced the current motor system simply, but with much higher efficiency.

Moreover, we can produce customized motors by various applications.

For a professional electric vehicle case advices, please contact us at info@volcanomotor.com. Our engineers are at your service case by case. You can try to tell us your application, function requirements, efficiency etc. our permanent magnet motor systems can easily replace the conventional 3 phase asynchronous electric motors with higher efficiency and intelligent.

For customized DC Motors, please contact our technician, Ordinary, we have to know the following information to get a professional proposal:

  • Brushed or Brushless   Customer preference

  • Output power (W)   Horsepower/watts/torque rated at full load speed

  • Voltage (V)   i.e 12v DC …….. 220v AC

  • Motor speed (RPM)   Revolutions per minute of the shaft at full load Voltage 

  • Application   e.g. traction, airconditioning, etc.

  • Duty     Most motors are rated continuous. Some applications however may use motors designed for intermittent duty

  • Configuration/Frame    Our products are according to IEC standard, we also can customize the flange and shaft according to the customer drawing 

  • Controller function     e.g. forward/reverse, variable speed, acceleration profile, etc.

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