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Advantages and Disadvantages of EC Motors

2019-12-24 09:19:07 Volcano Motor Read

Fan EC Motor Fan Permanent Magnet Selection Key Part III-Advantages and Disadvantages of EC Motors

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With the development of China's fan industry, fan manufacturers will gradually cut into EC motor/fan permanent magnet synchronous motor. In the face of numerous models in market factories, how to determine the matching of EC motor with fan and which EC motor is the real high-performance product? Let's look at the following:

1. DC brushless is the representation of EC motor. The essence of EC motor is AC permanent magnet synchronous motor

Both DC brushless motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor are called "permanent magnet motors" by users, but there are still many differences between the two products. The biggest difference lies in the difference in motor performance caused by different motor waveforms. The waveform of DC brushless motor is "square wave" and "trapezoidal wave", and the waveform of permanent magnet synchronous motor is "sine wave". Compared with permanent magnet synchronous motor, DC brushless motor has higher noise, torque and rotational speed fluctuation. The effect speed of DC brushless motor is also lower than that of permanent magnet synchronous motor.

2. Comply with the first-class energy efficiency of national standard and IE4 energy efficiency of EU.

Fan EC motor/fan permanent magnet synchronous motor is the choice for upgrading fan products, and improving fan energy efficiency is the core requirement. Generally, the rated efficiency of 750W/1000rpm permanent magnet synchronous motors is not less than 88%, but each manufacturer has received its own capacity limitation and has strong and weak understanding of permanent magnet synchronous motors. When selecting EC motors for fan enterprises, they shall select suppliers whose product efficiency conforms to the national standard level I energy efficiency and the efficiency stipulated by the EU IE4 energy efficiency.

3. Sensorless Control

According to our understanding of fan characteristics and working conditions, non-inductive control of EC motor is the core index. The so-called "sensorless control" means that there is no position sensor to control the motor and reduce the failure point. Because non-inductive control requires high motor controllers, it tests the comprehensive capability of the motor factory. As mentioned in our previous article, "EC motor cannot be simply equivalent to permanent magnet synchronous motor or motor controller, EC motor is a complete electrical system." , to choose a more professional fan EC motor supplier.

4. Expansion of perfect motor protection and control functions

EC motor is a mechatronic product, and its protection and control functions have great room for expansion. EC motor has over-voltage and under-voltage protection, over-current and under-current protection, current limit protection, temperature protection and upwind startup, etc. The operation mode supports: forward and reverse rotation control, communication control, multi-speed or stepless speed regulation. Special functions such as fire protection mode and ventilation protection can be developed in specific applications.

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