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Attention points in motor maintenance

2021-08-05 17:04:51 Volcano Motor Read

It is well known that any machine needs to be repaired when it breaks down after being used for a period of time. The same is true of brushless DC motor, and there are always some problems in the process of using brushless DC motor. So what should we know when repairing the brushless DC motor? Our factory has the following steps when repairing the brushless DC motor.


1. First of all, in the process of disassembling the machine, record the original parts, check the dimensions, and clean the parts. However, it should be noted that in the recording process, it should be accurate, otherwise any errors will lead to the installation of the brushless DC motor.

In the repair of DC brushless motor, the oil pollution should be cleaned. The length of coils should be consistent, and the welding stability should be ensured. And then drying and dipping the paint.

2. After the above steps are finished, the final assembly can be carried out. During the final assembly, the rusted areas should be coated with antirust paint, and then the final assembly should be carried out according to the marks made previously. After the final assembly, check whether there are any parts left behind or whether the motor can work normally.

Therefore, in the process of motor maintenance, the most important thing is to make a good mark. Only by making a good mark can the installation be accurate. It is best to draw the wiring while disassembling the machine, which is the most accurate. This is the whole maintenance process of the brushless DC motor. Only by getting familiar with these processes can the faults of the brushless DC motor be solved better.

From the maintenance process, it can be seen that the marking of disassembly at the beginning is the most important. Only when the marking is done well can the brushless DC motor be correctly installed at last.

What should pay attention to when repairing the brushless DC motor?

First, it is necessary to unload the equipment for maintenance, so before unloading, it is necessary to blow off the dust on the surface of the motor and wipe off the dirt on the surface.

Second, after the disintegration of the motor parts need to be placed in a clean place, there can be no dust.

Three, the maintenance staff must be clear about all the equipment structure and maintenance technology.

Fourth, the tools for disintegration need to be fully prepared.

Five, if conditions permit, conduct a major inspection test to find out where the equipment goes wrong and solve it in time!

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