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Brushless Motor Definition

2022-09-05 15:33:59 Volcano Motor Read

A brushless motor refers to a motor without brushes and commutators (or collector rings), which is called a commutatorless motor. As early as the birth of the motor in the last century, the practical motor produced is the brushless form, that is, the AC squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, which has been widely used. However, asynchronous motors have many insurmountable defects, so that the development of motor technology is slow. The transistor was born in the middle of this century, so the DC brushless motor that uses the transistor commutation circuit to replace the brush and the commutator came into being. This new brushless motor, called an electronically commutated DC motor, overcomes the shortcomings of the first generation of brushless motors.

The practical new brushless motor is closely related to the development of electronic technology, microelectronics technology, digital technology, automatic control technology and material science. It is not limited to the field of AC and DC, but also involves fields such as electric power, power generation, energy conversion and signal sensing. In the motor field, there are many varieties of new brushless motors, but the brushless motors with excellent performance are not widely used due to price constraints.

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