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Consideration of IP protection level in motor application

2021-07-16 09:59:50 Volcano Motor Read

IP protection grade of motor means that products are graded according to their dust-proof and moisture-proof characteristics, and the IP protection grade code composed of 2 digits (or letters) is used to mark the ability of the products to work normally in a specific environment.

The two digits before and after the IP protection level code respectively calibrate the product's ability to prevent solid foreign matter and liquid from invading.

The first digit calibrates its level of preventing solid foreign matter from entering.

The second digit indicates the waterproof degree of the product, that is, the ability level to prevent water ingress.

Regarding the protection level of motor, the difficult part is actually defined in practical application.

What kind of protection level is appropriate?

1. Our brushless motors are generally IP54, and the motors under this protection level are sufficient for most applications. And this is also the choice of most of our customers.

 Motor IP protection level

2. The nominal value of IP 65 indicates that the product can prevent the water from the "nozzle" from invading the product and causing damage. If water splashes on the motor occasionally in application, the IP 65 motor can be used, but it cannot be used in the environment with water flushing.

3. IP 67 motor can resist strong water jet, and can be used in applications requiring water flushing. Of course, this is also the highest level of protection that we can accept customization.

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