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Fan EC Motor Fan Permanent Magnet Selection Key

2019-12-24 09:11:57 Volcano Motor Read

Fan EC Motor Fan Permanent Magnet Selection Key Part II-Selection of EC Motor Manufacturers

EC(Electrical Commutation) electronically commutated motor, the power supply is a DC power supply, and the driver is internally provided with an AC-to-DC module. DC power supply is only the appearance of EC motor. The essence of EC motor is AC permanent magnet synchronous motor.

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As a typical electromechanical integrated product, EC motor/fan permanent magnet synchronous motor should pay attention to the following aspects when selecting EC motor:

1. Motor insulation grade and temperature rise

The essence of EC motor is permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The rotor magnetic shoe of PMSM has the corresponding maximum working temperature (m: 100℃; H:120℃;SH:150℃). Exceeding the maximum working temperature will produce demagnetization, which will reduce the efficiency of the motor and increase the current. Each manufacturer's ability is strong or weak, and the temperature rise of the motor produced is high or low. The selection of magnetic tile is related to the ambient temperature and the temperature rise of the motor. EC motors shall be selected with low temperature rise and insulation grade suitable for the environment.

2. Optimization of 2.EC Motor Controller

As a mechatronic product, EC motor not only brings various motor protection and speed regulation to the fan motor, but also has control functions corresponding to the characteristics of the fan in specific control, such as special procedures for the fan such as fire fighting mode and windward startup.

3. Select a manufacturer specializing in the field of fan motors

EC motor cannot be simply equivalent to permanent magnet synchronous motor or motor controller, EC motor is a complete electrical system. It is very important to select the supplier who has long-term tracking research on the fan motor. The fan performance curve is similar to the motor performance curve to obtain better fan energy efficiency ratio and fan performance. Special design and development should be carried out on the motor power and rotation speed.

The market usually refers to fans equipped with EC motors as EC fans. Relevant data show that German ZIEHL-ABEGG is one of the enterprises that put forward the concept of EC motors earlier in the industry and took the lead in application, mainly applied to centrifugal fans and axial fans of its HVAC system.

EC motor represents a more energy-efficient, stable, quiet and intelligent future for fans. EC motors are covered in high-standard fan fields such as HVAC system fans, air cooling modules, cooling fans, livestock fans, etc. Volcano Electric is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in the research of fan EC motors.

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