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Happy group building on October 23

2021-11-16 15:43:55 Volcano Motor Read

On October 23rd this year, our company organized a group building activity. The destination of this activity is Wulongtan. Say goodbye to the heavy work of the past for a while, and stay in the leisurely nature. 

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Soon we arrived at the main gate of the scenic spot, and left a photo of us there. 

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Just that day, the weather was fine and the sun was very warm, which dispelled the cold air before.

We walked at a brisk pace all the way to the top of the mountain at noon. The view on the top was wide, the air was fresher and there was a feeling of freedom. 

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With this opportunity, we also grasped the feeling of the glass plank road. 

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Good weather with good mood, which is a beautiful day. 

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