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How to deal with demagnetization of permanent magnet DC brushless motor

2021-07-23 09:58:56 Volcano Motor Read

Rare-earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor has permanent magnet materials inside, which has a key share in motor equipment. If the rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor works under harsh environmental standards, it is very easy to cause irreversible demagnetization of the permanent magnet materials of the motor, and then the characteristics of the motor are greatly reduced. 

In the daily operation of equipment, it is inevitable to encounter special situations such as high temperature operation, overload operation and ultra-high speed operation, which is harmful to rare earth permanent magnet non-ferrous metal materials. Although demagnetization will be considered at the beginning of motor design, the following points are needed to extend the service life of the motor:

1.Ensure that there is enough air gap magnetic field in the air gap of the motor and the specified motor performance index.

2.Under the specified environmental conditions, the stability of magnetic properties should be ensured under the working temperature and using conditions.

3.Let the motor equipment have good mechanical properties.

Based on the consideration of demagnetization at the beginning of design, we chose high-performance sintered NdFeB magnet, and the anti-demagnetization performance will be greatly enhanced. Of course, it also needs attention in later use.

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