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Introduction of Brushless Motor for Coffee Machine

2022-01-13 14:36:03 Volcano Motor Read

With the increasing demand of consumers for products, there are more and more cases in which the motor used in the water pump of coffee machine is changed from induction motor to brushless motor.


The following is a brushless motor used in the water pump of coffee machine. The specific parameters of this brushless motor are: the outer diameter of this motor is 60mm, 48Vdc, the rated power is 120W, the no-load speed is 4367rpm, the load speed is 3970rpm, the efficiency is 86%, and the protection level is IP54. Of course, the performance parameters can be customized as required. 

Brushless motor of coffee machine can well solve the difficulties of traditional motor. Brushless DC motor can be adjusted and controlled conveniently and quickly by corresponding driver. Brushless DC motor has high efficiency and long service life, which closely combines the current core value of low carbon and environmental protection.

The motor must have a large starting torque, which usually exceeds the rated torque designed by the motor. General methods to improve the motor torque, such as increasing the motor voltage, are limited by the basic parameters of the main switch electronic device of the driving power supply, and the DC brushless motor can't be started with a large total current. The difficulty of heavy load is an important difficulty when the DC brushless motor is applied to the stirring device. Solving this problem is the key to the flexible application of the DC brushless motor to the stirring device.


As the future development direction, the brushless motor of fully automatic coffee machine has been widely used in various fields at present. With the improvement of consumers' requirements for products, many highly valued points will be put into the material selection and service life. By comparison, the advantages of DC brushless motor will be amplified again. 

Reference motor model:

48V 120W 60mm Outer Rotor Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor

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