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Market pull to accelerate the development of permanent magnet brushless motor

2022-07-29 13:03:51 Volcano Motor Read

[1] The number of micro motors used in the network field accounts for about 38% of the entire micro motors. HDD spindle motors, printer spindle motors, copier spindle motors, computer fans, and high-end DVD spindle motors all use permanent magnet brushless motors. And it is a fine permanent magnet brushless motor. Due to the high precision requirements, bonded NdFeB is used. 83% of Japan's bonded NdFeB is used for this type of permanent magnet brushless motor; the whole armature is punched, multi-pole Concentrated winding, outer rotor construction. Vibration motors for mobile phones, whether cylindrical or button-type, most of the vibration motors still use brushed DC motors, but there are also brushless vibration motors, which are not widely used at present.

[2] Motors used in the field of home appliances account for about 15% of the entire micro-motors. Air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and other major home appliances were the first to use single-phase asynchronous motors. Due to their low efficiency and low utilization rate, in order to save energy, variable frequency speed-regulated asynchronous motors were used in the early 1990s. At present, more than 90% of air conditioners in Japan use Permanent magnet brushless DC motor, replacing asynchronous motor variable frequency speed regulation, my country's air conditioner manufacturers also use permanent magnet brushless DC motor to obtain better energy-saving effect and material saving. Under the same rated power and rated speed, set the volume and weight of the single-phase asynchronous motor to be 100%, then the volume of the permanent magnet brushless DC motor is 38%, the weight is 34.8%, the amount of copper is 20.9%, and the amount of iron is 20.9%. The volume is 36.5%, and the efficiency is improved by more than 10%. In order to improve the efficiency as much as possible, the permanent magnet of the motor adopts sintered NdFeB, the armature punch adopts block type or hinge type, multi-pole concentrated winding, and the motor can be made into outer rotor or inner rotor structure according to user requirements. Home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators will increasingly use permanent magnet brushless motors.

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