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Polishing Types of Brushless DC Motor

2022-01-09 10:33:05 Volcano Motor Read

1. Flame polishing 

Using flame to bake the surface of DC brushless motor and fire impact can remove some twill and wrinkle on the surface, and many mouths will be polished by flame after cutting, but this method will reduce the flatness of the surface of DC brushless deceleration motor. 

2. Using polishing powder 

In this way, the surface of DC brushless motor is rubbed at high speed to remove scratches. Before polishing, the polished part must be sanded with abrasive belt. In this way, many materials are used, and cerium oxide is the best one, but the process speed is slow. 

3. Acid treatment polishing

The corrosion of acid on the surface of DC brushless motor is used for surface treatment. Before polishing, DC brushless deceleration motor also needs abrasive belt polishing, because acid polishing will reduce the thickness of the equipment itself a lot, and it may not be able to completely remove the surface lines. 

Environmental Requirements of Volcano BLDC Motor

1. The altitude is less than 4000m.

2. Ambient temperature of DC brushless motor: -5 degrees to 50 degrees.

3. Relative temperature of DC brushless motor: 95 degrees or less.

4. When the altitude is less than 1000m, it is less than 75K.

5. Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃.

6. The relative humidity of DC brushless motor is ≤70%(at +25℃).

7. Well ventilated, the air can't take corrosive gas. 

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