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Selection Highlights of EC Motor controller

2019-12-24 08:54:55 Volcano Motor Read

Fan EC Motor Fan Permanent Magnet Selection Highlights Part Six - Selection Highlights of EC Motor controller

Fan EC motor is a high-performance fan power system with permanent magnet synchronous motor +FOC vector controller , which designs and optimizes the performance, structure and power of the motor system according to the application characteristics of the fan. The concrete manifestation of fan EC motor is generally motor and controller integrated type (excluding backpack type). China's fan market is in the initial stage of the introduction and application of fan EC motor, a high-performance fan power system. Users are worried about the stability of the product. Therefore, the motor and controller are also installed separately in the specific selection. This article mainly explains the selection of fan EC motors and the selection of controllers by fan manufacturers.

EC Motor controller PCB.jpg

1. Motor and controller structure:

Fan EC motor is an application extension of permanent magnet synchronous motor +FOC vector controller.  EC motor must have controller. The general operating temperature of civil electronic components, such as IGBT, is in the range of 85℃. Selecting components with higher operating temperature will increase the purchase cost of manufacturers. At the beginning, it is mentioned that the controller structure of fan EC motor is integrated and separated. For the separate installation of EC motor and controller, it is necessary to increase the heat dissipation area of the controller. Outdoor fans and animal husbandry fans with relatively harsh environment have high protection requirements for the controller and can no longer be actively cooled by the fan. Water cooling costs are too high. Another aspect of discrete installation, the combination of motor and controller on site, puts forward certain requirements on the quality of workers.

EC motor and controller are integrated (backpack structure will interfere with the air flow direction in the actual application of the fan, increase the air resistance and reduce the air volume, thus causing turbulence and possibly surge. ) The laminar flow generated by the EC motor and the fan is favorable for balancing the high protection of the controller, heat dissipation and motor volume.

2. Functions and Control Strategies

Fan EC Motor Fan Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Selection Should Adhere to Sensorless Control, Conforming to Class I Energy Efficiency of "National Standard for Energy Efficiency of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors" and EU IE4 Energy Efficiency. The controller of the fan EC motor has a lot of room for expansion, such as the windward start-up for outdoor fans, the function of preheating and defrosting, the fire fighting mode for fire fighting fans, the multi-connection control of air conditioning units, etc. Fan EC motor manufacturers should be required to specify the motor category and controller control strategy for fan application scenarios such as air conditioning systems and breeding that come into contact with humans and animals. Permanent magnet motor can be divided into DC brushless motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor. Controllers are divided into square wave and FOC vector control according to different control strategies. Permanent magnet synchronous motor has better response speed, lower excitation sound, more accurate speed and torque control than DC brushless motor.

The EC motor of the fan represents a more energy-efficient, stable, quiet and intelligent future for the fan. At present, the fan EC motor is covering high-performance fan fields such as HVAC system fans, air cooling modules, cooling fans, animal husbandry fans, etc. Volcano Electric is one of the enterprises that have been engaged in fan EC motor research and formed series of products earlier in China.

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