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Service life of brushless motor

2021-06-18 09:03:27 Volcano Motor Read

Function of Brushless Motor

Brushless motor is also a kind of equipment that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. By consuming electrical energy, mechanical energy can be obtained, thus achieving some purposes.

Brushless motors can be used in small household appliances industry, such as common electric fans. In fact, brushless motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, so that the electric fans can rotate and bring cool feeling to everyone.

Also, lawn mowers in the garden industry actually use brushless motors. In addition, electric drills in the power tool industry also use brushless motors. The function of brushless motor is actually to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, so that it can play a role in everyone's life and improve everyone's quality of life.

Service life of brushless motor    Service life of brushless motor

Service life

The service life of brushless motors is usually about tens of thousands of hours, but the service life of brushless motors varies greatly due to different bearings.

A. First of all, three aspects are related to the factors of the brushless motor itself: 1. Bearing life (once the bearing is damaged, it needs to be replaced); 2. Magnetic steel demagnetization; 3. Coil problem (generally aging time exceeds 10 years, how to avoid coil aging? This requires that the temperature of the coil should not be too high, and ensure good heat dissipation, thus prolonging its service life. Of course, overheating and combustion also belong to this category. )

Obviously, bearings and coils are very important to the life of brushless motors. Don't think that small motors occupy a small position in the equipment and are very inconspicuous. If the quality of the motor you purchased is low, and the components (such as bearings and coils) used in low-end brand motors are poor, the equipment should replace the motor, and once there is a problem, the motor should replace the bearing coils.

B. Second, environmental factors

The brushless DC motor should be used in a ventilated, dry and non-corrosive environment, and the air temperature and pressure are normal. If there is corrosive gas and high humidity in the harsh environment, it is easy to damage the electrical and mechanical properties of the motor due to environmental factors. Therefore, corresponding motor protection measures must be taken according to environmental conditions.

C. Finally, due to the different technical level of the personnel who operate the brushless motor, unexpected mistakes will occur when operating the motor, such as stopping immediately after starting. Overload start-up and fault start-up will damage the brushless motor, thus affecting its service life.

Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the instruction manual and carry out standardized operation under the guidance of professionals in order to prolong the service life

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