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Square Wave Control of Brushless DC Motor integration

2021-07-09 09:42:32 Volcano Motor Read

Rotor position sensor and controller of square-wave brushless DC motor are simple, small in size and low in control cost, and occupy a high proportion in brushless DC motor. Brushless motors with square wave control mode are in great demand, which are mainly used in the field of electric vehicles, and most of them are external square wave DC brushless motors.


Because of the miniaturization and integration of DC brushless motor controller components, many controllers are very small and directly installed in the DC brushless motor, so many DC brushless motors truly realize electromechanical integration.

Therefore, the appearance of the integrated brushless DC motor is very simple. From the point of view of power supply, both DC power supply and AC power supply are designed to better meet the needs of customers.

Volcano Motor specializes in developing and designing square wave control mode of DC brushless motor, providing one-stop solution for motor control and realizing perfect motion control in your heart!

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