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Status Quo of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Work

2022-07-03 11:45:11 Volcano Motor Read

In the current operation process, the permanent magnet synchronous motor mainly uses some rare earth permanent magnet materials to operate. At the same time, its structure is relatively simple, its operation is relatively reliable, and its volume is small and its weight is relatively light. The energy loss during operation is also relatively low, and at the same time, the operation efficiency is relatively high. Various advantages have led to the application of permanent magnet synchronous motors becoming more and more widespread and popular. In recent years, as my country's government and relevant departments have increasingly strict requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, under the important trend of energy conservation and emission reduction development, more and more permanent magnet synchronous motors are used as the traction power source of trains. Applied to the field of rail transportation. 

The permanent magnet synchronous motor can be generally divided into two forms according to the difference in the position of the permanent magnet on the rotor, one is a surface-mounted permanent magnet motor, and the other is a built-in permanent magnet motor. At present, most of the permanent magnet synchronous motors manufactured in my country are built-in magnetic circuit structures, and this structure is relatively simple, and the implementation process is relatively mature. As permanent magnet synchronous traction motors are used more and more widely, permanent magnet synchronous traction motors with different types of structures are constantly being applied and emerging. Moreover, the general assembly process of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is also becoming more and more complicated, resulting in more complicated types of tooling, and it is difficult to distinguish them, which will not only occupy the on-site production site, but also have stricter requirements for motor assemblers. , These are the difficult problems that need to be solved urgently in the on-site construction.

The focus and difficulty in the general assembly of the permanent magnet synchronous motor are how to effectively overcome the eccentric magnetic pull force generated by the non-center rotor when the stator and rotor are assembled together. Moreover, the attraction of the rotor will also cause the winding insulation and the bearing to be scratched to varying degrees.

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