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Technological progress promotes the development of permanent magnet brushless

2022-07-25 13:11:40 Volcano Motor Read

Facing the 21st century, in order to satisfy the coexistence with the earth environment, integrate with the network, and meet the requirements of robots, micro-motors will be rapidly developed, and a "new era of micro-motors" will be built. Coexisting with the global environment requires the motor to be efficient and energy-saving, high-output and material-saving, quiet and comfortable, harmless and pollution-free, etc. Combined with the network, the motor is required to be miniaturized, flaky, high-speed, light-weight, high-precision, and high-performance. In order to meet the above requirements, foreign micro and special motor manufacturing companies pay special attention to the research and development of permanent magnet brushless motors and drive control technology. Optimized motor design, reasonable selection of parameters, reduced torque pulsation and noise, and expanded speed regulation range; multi-pole concentrated winding, reduced winding end length, block-type or hinged armature punching to improve full rate, high efficiency and high performance The research of drive control technology and the use of high-performance permanent magnet materials make the permanent magnet brushless motor have the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, high output and material saving, high reliability and high performance, small size and light weight.

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