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The difference between single-phase motor and three-phase motor

2021-08-30 09:42:05 Volcano Motor Read

There are many classification methods for motors, which can be divided into single-phase motors and three-phase motors according to the number of power supply phases.

1. Single-phase power supply of single-phase motor is a common power supply for general households, which consists of one phase.

The power supply itself cannot run the motor. In order to start the motor, it is necessary to connect the capacitor and the auxiliary coil to start.

2. Three-phase motor is divided according to power, and consists of three power supplies with the phase difference of 120 degrees.

The motor is connected to the power supply and driven, that is, a rotary magnetic field is generated, and the motor can be started. The efficiency of the motor is very high, and the starting torque is also very large.

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