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Detailed introduction of the functions of parts of brushless DC motor

2022-02-13 14:13:25 Volcano Motor Read

A single brushless motor is not a complete power system. Brushless motors must be basically controlled by a brushless controller, that is, electric control, in order to realize continuous operation. Generally, the carbon brush motor rotates the winding, while the brushless motor rotates the magnet regardless of the outer rotor structure or the inner rotor structure. Therefore, any motor is composed of a stator and a rotor.


 The stator of brushless motor is the part that generates rotating magnetic field and can support the rotor to rotate. It is mainly composed of silicon steel sheet, enameled wire, bearing and support. The rotor is a component that can support the rotation of the rotor under the action of the rotating magnetic field of the stator, and is mainly composed of a rotating shaft, a magnet and a support. In addition, the number of magnetic poles composed of stator and rotor will also affect the speed and torque of the motor. 

The front cover, middle cover and back cover of brushless motor are mainly integral structural parts, which play the role of constituting the overall structure of the motor. However, the outer rotor brushless motor shell is the magnetic circuit of the magnet, so the shell must be made of magnetic conductive materials. The rotor housing is only a joint, so the material is not limited. However, the inner rotor motor has one more rotor core than the outer rotor motor, and this rotor core also serves as a magnetic circuit.

Magnetism: Installed on the rotor, it is an important part of brushless motor, and most of its performance parameters are related to magnets, such as power, speed, torque and so on. The volcano motor adopts high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets.

Silicon steel sheet: It is an important part of slotted brushless motors. Of course, brushless motors do not contain silicon, but most of them are slotted at present. Its main function is to reduce the reluctance of the whole system and participate in the magnetic circuit operation.

Rotating shaft: it is the directly stressed part of the motor rotor, and the hardness of the rotating shaft must meet the requirements of high-speed rotation of the rotor.


Bearings: It is the guarantee for the smooth operation of the motor. Bearings can be divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings. Rolling bearings can be divided into ten categories, such as deep groove ball bearings, needle roller bearings and angular contact bearings. At present, brushless motors mostly use deep groove ball bearings. 

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