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What are the advantages of high-efficiency motors compared with ordinary motors?

2021-06-27 10:45:17 Volcano Motor Read

Basic introduction

Ordinary motor: The motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and 70%-95% of the electrical energy absorbed by the motor is converted into mechanical energy, which is often referred to as the efficiency value of the motor. It is an important technical index of the motor, and the remaining 30%-5% is consumed by the motor itself due to heat and mechanical loss, so this part of electrical energy is wasted.

High-efficiency motor: The motor with high utilization rate of electric energy is called high-efficiency motor, or "high-efficiency motor" for short.

High-efficiency motor

High-efficiency motors mainly improve the efficiency of motors through the following ways:

1. Increase materials: increase the core diameter, core length, stator slot size and copper wire weight to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency.

2. Silicon steel sheets with good performance in magnetic conductivity are used. In the past, hot-rolled sheets with large iron loss are used, and now high-quality cold-rolled sheets with low loss are used.

3. Improve machining accuracy, reduce mechanical losses, replace small fans, reduce fan losses and adopt high-efficiency bearings.

4. The electrical performance parameters of the motor are optimized, and the parameters are optimized by changing the slot shape.

5. Adopt cast copper rotor (complicated process and high cost).

At the same time, the advantages are obvious:

1. Direct starting can completely replace asynchronous motor.

2. The rare earth permanent magnet high-efficiency energy-saving motor itself can save more than 3% of electric energy compared with ordinary motors.

3. The motor power factor is generally higher than 0.90, which improves the power grid quality factor without adding a power factor compensator.

4. The motor current is small, saving transmission and distribution capacity and prolonging the overall operating life of the system.

5. The driver can realize soft start, soft stop and stepless speed regulation, and the power saving effect is further improved.

It can be seen that the advantages of high-efficiency motors are outstanding.

At present, BLDC / PMSM motors made by Volcano-Motor could reach IE4-level high-efficiency motors. This is one of the reasons why we can have strong competitiveness in the market.

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