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Why Do Animal Husbandry Fans Need Motor Directly Connection?

2020-03-04 21:33:47 Volcano Motor Read

Fan EC Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Selection Focus Article 19 --- Why Do Animal Husbandry Fans Need Motor Directly Connection?

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As the year of last year approaches, I was lucky enough to visit and study a large-scale ranch of a domestic farming group in China. I saw that the large-scale negative pressure fans are still belt-driven. In combination with the information I learned at many animal husbandry exhibitions, there are still a large number of fan manufacturers in China that produce and sell belt-driven negative pressure fans. Why do we say the belt drive does not conform to the animal husbandry fan? What are the advantages of direct connection of animal husbandry fans? The reasons are as follows:

 animal husbandry fans

The belt drive itself has many drawbacks: 

1) the belt drive efficiency is 0.9 and the efficiency is lost; 

2) The elastic sliding of the belt on the pulley changes with the change of load, and the transmission ratio is inaccurate;

 3) When overloaded, skidding occurs, resulting in loss of air volume of animal husbandry fan; 

4) The belt must be tensioned so that the shaft and bearing are subjected to greater force. Belt and pulley will generate heat and electricity through friction. When transmitting the same large circumferential force; The life of the belt is relatively short, generally only 2,000 to 3,000 hours. (The belt can only be used in heavy load applications and can relieve the advantages of shock and vibration).

In the past, the belt drive of the animal husbandry fan was helpless. In order to control the noise of the animal husbandry fan, the rotating speed of the fan blades is usually low. The complete matching of fan blade and fan blade requires asynchronous motor to be non-standard, which is limited by the characteristics of asynchronous motor itself and is also limited by the current capacity of Chinese three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers. For a period of time, large-size animal husbandry fans have formed the "habit" of belt transmission. The whole fan drive system, including the motor, occupies more fan cross-sectional area, loses fan energy and increases fan noise.

 fan drive system

At present, there are still some belt-driven fans in the animal husbandry fan market. The mainstream users are some retail investors. They have a low understanding of the energy efficiency of fans and fans and blindly pursue the ultimate purchase cost. We firmly believe that this phenomenon will gradually be far away from China's animal husbandry fan industry in the future.

The disadvantages brought by the belt-driven animal husbandry fan are more intuitive. The belt is used as a consumable part. The belt loss or sudden failure causes the ventilation gap in the field, and the consequences are unpredictable. Operation and maintenance personnel often check the belt status and update the belt, which may disturb the cultured animals and run counter to the trend of less or even unmanned cultivation.

When EC motor and fan permanent magnet synchronous motor products gradually iterate to the original animal husbandry fan, it relies on the characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous motor such as constant torque, high efficiency, fast response, communication and communication. The direct drive technology of animal husbandry fans will become more mature. In the future, the energy efficiency of animal husbandry fans will be greatly improved. Fan operation noise will be improved to a certain extent; The respiratory volume of animals at different stages is directly linked with the fan. Operation and maintenance personnel will accurately operate the fan and obtain clear fault codes so as to reduce the disturbance to animals caused by maintenance of the fan.

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