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    Vehicle Disinfection Machine

    1. Detailed information

    Detailed information:

    Product:Vehicle Disinfection Machine
    Model:HF-DX 002 
    Function:1.Manual control adjustment
    2.Automatic control regulation
    3.Water shortage protection
    4.Emergency stop
    Host size:(mm)(L*W*H)1000*810*1335

    Product Description:

    The vehicle disinfection hose is dedicated to disinfection and ventilation of vehicle passages, etc. Pipe sizes are completely customized according to customer requirements, thus achieving perfect fit. And the equipment is more durable and reliable.

    As for the model HF-DX 002, it has automatic and manual adjustment modes. And is equipped with water shortage protection and braking function in case of emergency. The equipment is simple to operate, convenient to install, energy-saving and efficient.

    We will deliver the engines within 2 week after payment. For mass production, we can deliver the engines a little earlier, which is able to meet the needs of customers.

    If you have interesting for this disinfection engine , please feel free to contact us by info@volcanomotor.com














    Size of inlet port:G11/2                     Size of outlet port:G1/4


    DC Motor

        DC Motor

    DC Motor

        DC Motor


    Advantages of our engine:

    1. High pressure impact spray technology is adopted to cover all aspects

    2. Quick assembly, complete the installation within an hour

    3. Rapid disinfection, through ground loop and infrared automatic detection work

    4. Cost saving intelligent adjustment of equipment to save cost

    5. Anticorrosion. Stainless steel pipe is used for spray pipe, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of liquid medicine and prolong the service life of equipment 

    6. The spraying range is wide, forming a three-dimensional space

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