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    Central Integrated Spray Cleaning Machine

    1. Detailed information

    Detailed information:

    Product:Central Integrated Spray Cleaning Machine
    Model:HF-JC 001
    Function:1.Constant pressure water supply
    2.Water shortage and high pressure protection
    3.External control
    4.Time control
    5.Human computer interaction interface
    6.Intelligent remote control
    Host size:(mm)(L*W*H)2300*1500*1950

    Product Description:

    The central integrated spray cleaning host, as an integrated host, it has powerful water supply and output functions. The equipment is large in size and requires a large floor area. And it also has strong power and high intelligence.

    As for the model HF-JC 001 works continuously or intermittently with 3-4 motors to provide powerful water supply kinetic energy. And equipped with independent water tank, in case of need. Highly intelligent control panel and one-key control function greatly optimize operation procedures.

    We will deliver the engines within 2 week after payment. For mass production, we can deliver the engines a little earlier, which is able to meet the needs of customers.

    If you have interesting for this disinfection engine , please feel free to contact us by info@volcanomotor.com












    Size of inlet port:G1                     Size of outlet port:G1/2



    DC Motor

       DC Motor

    DC Motor

       DC Motor


    Advantages of our engine:

    1.Adopt a pipe network structure 

    2.Reduce the occupied area of the equipment

    3.Energy saving and high efficiency

    4.Double machine rotation

    5.Remote control, APP remote control

    6.With foam spray drying device

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