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    Push-type Chassis Washing Machine

    1. Detailed information

    Detailed information:

    Product:Push-type Chassis Washing Machine
    Model:HF-QX 003
    Function:1. High pressure
    2. Easy installation
    3. Cost saving
    4. Wide application field
    Host size:(mm)(L*W*H) 1060*500*750

    Product Description:

    High pressure cleaning machine is a mobile host integrating portability and practicability. The high-pressure water gun spray cleaning method is suitable for most scenes and can meet daily requirements.

    As for the model HF-QX 003, is specially used for cleaning automobile chassis. Compared with other cleaning equipment which can only clean the surface, some parts of the car need this kind of professional cleaning tool to achieve the purpose of all-round cleaning.

    We will deliver the engines within 2 week after payment. For mass production, we can deliver the engines a little earlier, which is able to meet the needs of customers.

    If you have interesting for this disinfection engine , please feel free to contact us by info@volcanomotor.com







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    Advantages of our engine:

    1.High pressure

    2.Easy installation

    3.Saving cost

    4.Wide application field

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