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  1. 24V 15A BLDC Motor Controller
  2. 24V 15A BLDC Motor Controller

24V 15A BLDC Motor Controller

  1. Detailed information

Product ID



ISO9001, CE, Patent certificate

Motor Parameter Specification:


24V DC

Controller Size(mm)






Motor forward and reverse rotation control

Motor speed signal output

Locked rotor protection

Malfunction Alarm

Product Description:

As for the model HFC—L24C15, which can be widely used in occasions requiring speed regulation, such as frequency converters, DC governors and other occasions requiring stable speed regulation. Because of the signal receiving circuit with Hall signal sensor, the closed-loop operation of brushless motor can be realized, the rated torque output can be realized at low speed, and the stable operation can be realized. The controller has step speed regulation, built-in and external potentiometer speed regulation, and various input of control signals, meeting the requirements of various control systems.

The controller has PID speed and current double-loop regulator and 20KHz chopping frequency. In addition, it also has perfect fault alarm functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and hall signal abnormality. With ultra-high performance and the lower price.

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Advantages of our Controller:

1.Lower price
2.Faster batch delivery time
3.Special function customization
4.Reliable quality

For customized Driver, please contact our technician. Ordinary, we have to know the following information to get a professional proposal:
1.Required functions.
3.Special component requirements

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