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    DC Brushless Motor

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    1. Detailed information

    Our company started producing brushless motors since 2002, we have different stator sizes:76,90,100,120,154,180mm diameter. Each one can be produced at different lengths giving a power range from 80W to 15KW.

    For the low power range (up to 1KW) we can offer our motors on 12V DC and 24V DC.

    For high power applications we recommend voltages 48V and over.

    Although the majority of DC motors is brushed ,in the future brushed motors will be surpassed by the brushless DC motors ,especially for applications where variable speed control is essential.

    The advantages of the brushless motors over the brushed ones are:

    • lower maintenance as they have no brushes to wearout

    • higher starting torque due to rare earthmagnets 

    • higher efficiency(over 90%)on sub fractional motors

    • more compact design

    • better heat disipation

    • lower noise

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