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    High Efficiency EC Motors 120W variable speed

    • Model Number:PMSM -53
    • Type:PMSM Motors
    • Output Power:150W
    • Voltage:24V-72V DC
    • Speed Range:3000-8000 RPM
    1. Detailed information
    Brand Name:Volcano ElectricModel Number:PMSM -53Type:PMSM Motors
    Output Power:150WVoltage:24V-72V DCSpeed Range:3000-8000 RPM
    Controller:Customized, OptionalBraker:OptionalInsulation Class:Class B/F/H
    Enclosure:IP44 / IP54Poles: 10P…Wire:100% copper
    Housing:AluminumEfficiency:High efficiency

    Duty:S1 (continuous)Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Standard:OEM, High efficiency Permanent Magnet Motors
    Application:Textile machinery, packing machine, Medical facilities, Robotics etc.

    Product Description

    Any one of the below requirements. We advice to use the PMSM motors

    1. Variable speed application

    2. Require High Start Torque

    3. Low /High speed application

    4. Minimize Motor size demands

    5. Customized Speed, work at any defined speed, ( the rated speed of AC motor is limited, 2 poles-3000RPM, 4 poles -1500RPM @50HZ, 2 poles-3600RPM, 4 poles -1800RPM @60HZ)

    EC stands for Electronically Commutated which basically means EC Motor is a electronically commutated motors, which we also call it brushless DC motor.

    EC Motors VS AC Motors

    DC motors are around 30% more efficient than AC motors because the secondary magnetic field comes from permanent magnets rather than copper windings. An AC motor consumes additional energy solely to create a magnetic field by inducing a current in the rotor. But this is only half the story. The use of modern electronics in controlling the motor has opened up many other possibilities which contribute to using less power.

    AC motors are designed to operate at a certain point on their performance curve which coincides with their peak efficiency. Either side of this operating point, the efficiency can drop off considerably. EC motors on the other hand have an almost flat efficiency curve which varies relatively little across the speed range, a range which is not limited by synchronous speeds or as susceptible to voltage fluctuations as an AC motor. This makes the EC motors much more flexible in terms of being able to use the same product to match the performance requirements of different applications while still benefitting from increased efficiency.

    In Volcano Electric, with 30 years motor build experience, 10 years motor driver R&D experience. We can help customers with the comprehensive Motor and controller solutions in various applications.

    This EC motor is one of our featured product, it is built with high magnetic energy Halbach Neodymium magnet ring. It helps to rise the motor efficiency up to 90%, compared to the normal products in the market. It is not used in bobbin winder automatic system, this motor is replacing the conventional electric motors. The efficiency of the PMSM motors are increased almost 8%-15%. And because of 10 poles systems, the motor starting/switching is much faster on the line.

    Besides of 120W motors, we can design the similar motors at customized motor, speed. and the length of the motor is adjustable by the output power, motor speed etc.


    For more specifications on this leading motors, please contact our technical team by email info@volcanomotor.com

    This PMSM motors can be also well used in other textile machinery, packing machine, automatic conveyor belt, medical devices, Industrial automation, Robotics.etc.

    Generally, whatever standard motors or customized motors, our professional team can help you work them out.

    Basic Parameter of the quantum series PMSM motors

    Motor Model




    Supply Voltage-Un


    Insulation Voltage

    8xUn, during time>3 Sec

    Insulation Class








    Running Torque




    Power Output




    IP Standard

    IP44 (IP 68 Optional)

    Life Expectancy

    3 Years continuous operation

    Ambient Temperature

    -15℃~40℃ Continuous Operation

    Advantage of PMSM motors

    • Lower maintenance and longer lifetime- no brush and commutator erosion

    • Lower noise-the elimination of brush contact

    • Higher power to weight ratio

    • Higher efficiency ( in general higher than 90%)

    • Lower temperature rise-more efficient heat dissipation due to winding construction

    • Reduction of EMI

    For more information on our PMSM Motors, please contact our technician, Ordinary, we have to know the following information to get a professional proposal:

    • Brushed or Brushless   Customer preference

    • Output power (W)   Horsepower/watts/torque rated at full load speed

    • Voltage (V)   i.e 12v DC …….. 220v AC

    • Motor speed (RPM)   Revolutions per minute of the shaft at full load Voltage 

    • Application   e.g. traction, airconditioning, etc.

    • Duty     Most motors are rated continuous. Some applications however may use motors designed for intermittent duty

    • Configuration/Frame    Our products are according to IEC standard, we also can customize the flange and shaft according to the customer drawing 

    • Controller function     e.g. forward/reverse, variable speed, acceleration profile, etc.

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