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    Permanent Magnet Motors IEC standard Frames Available

    • Model Number:PMSM Motor
    • Type:Permanent magnet Motor
    • Output Power:375W - 7500W
    • Voltage:12VDC/24VDC/48VDC/72VDC/110VAC/220VAC/380VAC
    • Speed Range:1500 RPM / 3000RPM
    1. Detailed information

    Quick Details

    Brand Name:Volcano ElectricModel Number:PMSM MotorType:Permanent magnet Motor
    Output Power:375W - 7500WVoltage: 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC/72VDC/110VAC/220VAC/380VACSpeed Range:1500 RPM / 3000RPM
    Controller:Customized, OptionalBraker:OptionalInsulation Class:Class F/H
    Enclosure:IP54Poles:2P, 4P, 6P, 8P…Wire:100% copper
    Housing:Aluminum FrameEfficiency:up to 92%

    Duty:S1 (continuous)Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Standard:Permanent Magnet Motors IEC standard Frames
    Application:Compressors, Conveyor, Blowers, Fans, Irrigation, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Cranes & Hoist, Printing, Extruders etc

    Product Description

    At what application you need permanent magnet brushless dc motor to replace conventional wound asynchronous electric motor.

    Any one of the below requirements.

    1, Variable speed application

    2,Require High Start Torque

    3,Low /High speed application

    4,Minimize Motor size demands

    5. Customized Speed, work at any defined speed, ( the rated speed of AC motor is limited, 2 poles-3000RPM, 4 poles -1500RPM @50HZ, 2 poles-3600RPM, 4 poles -1800RPM @60HZ)

    6. Where grid voltage is not available.

    permanent magnet brushless dc motor is now more and more popular in the industrial applications.

    There are several Disadvantages of conventional induction motors.

    • Speed control of induction motors is difficult

    • At low loads, the power factor drops to very low values

    • Efficiency drops at low loads.  This is because, the low power factor causes a higher current to be drawn.  This results in higher copper losses.

    • Poor starting torque.  Induction motors have notoriously low starting torque.  Hence, they cannot be used for application such as traction and in lifting loads.  Slip ring induction motors can be made to produce good starting torque by adding resistors to the rotor windings.

    With the permanent magnet brushless dc motors, these disadvantages can be overcome case by case in various applications, the motors can be worked at high efficiency and low maintenance cost.

    The motor powers we can offer from 100W to 10KW, and any specific voltage is available, as well as the various motor speed.

    Different IEC standard frame sizes Volcano Electric available.

    IEC standard FramesOutput
    MountingOptional Voltage

    Note1: The motor power, speed, and voltage beyond the table is available as well

    Note2: For specific motors, please feel free to contact our Australian experts at info@volcanomotor.com

    Some photos of our permanent Magnet Motors IEC standard Frames

    Permanent Magnet Motors IEC standard Frames Available  Permanent Magnet Motors IEC standard Frames Available

    Permanent Magnet Motors IEC standard Frames Available

    Application of these Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motors

    These motors are designed according to IEC standard frames. That can be used where the conventional induction motors are used. The Mounting B3/B5/B14 is corresponding to IEC standard. Thus it is easily replace the Conventional IEC motors, but with higher efficiency.

    Compressors, Conveyor, Blowers, Fans, Irrigation, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Cranes & Hoist, Printing, Extruders etc


    Besides of the standard IEC Motors, Volcano Electric can offer customized motor and supplier comprehensive solutions of your whole system, please contact our technician, Ordinary, we have to know the following information to get a professional proposal:

    • Brushed or Brushless   Customer preference

    • Output power (W)   Horsepower/watts/torque rated at full load speed

    • Voltage (V)   i.e 12v DC …….. 220v AC

    • Motor speed (RPM)   Revolutions per minute of the shaft at full load Voltage 

    • Application   e.g. traction, airconditioning, etc.

    • Duty     Most motors are rated continuous. Some applications however may use motors designed for intermittent duty

    • Configuration/Frame    Our products are according to IEC standard, we also can customize the flange and shaft according to the customer drawing 

    • Controller function     e.g. forward/reverse, variable speed, acceleration profile, etc.

    Unlike other motor suppliers, with our experienced motor design and controller team, we can help customers be as the turn-key project provider, please try to describe the functions you expect. The Functions such as consistent pressure, Variable speed, consistent Torque, overload starting etc…

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