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We only produce Energy saving Products.

1470663959508069.jpgVOLCANO ELECTRIC integrates the advantages of both Volcano motors in DC motor manufacture and Epower Industry in electronic, motor controller area. Our target is to become a global manufacture of motor and reliable power system. Digitization, intelligentization, automation Moore's law, recombinant innovation, exponential growth, etc. There is a power can reshape and change the social development. Also this power can change your perspective and predict your future. We are paying efforts to become this kind of power.

VOLCANO ELECTRIC is a company integrating R&D, engineering design and precise processing. Every step of designing, manufacturing, testing, packaging and delivering is strictly standardized. We keep growing in business via focusing on industrial automation, intelligence and energy conservation. Our professional knowledge and technology ensure that our product platform will adjust according to the requirement of future customers. The abundant technical strength of VOLCANO ELECTRIC offers customers more solutions to choose from.

VOLCANO ELECTRIC has accumulated plentiful experience in both motor parts automated production and motor drives manufacturing. Through the using of innovative production engineering and advanced testing, it maximizes production efficiency and quality, optimizes space, minimizes waste, schedules production period and creates perfect products.

VOLCANO ELECTRIC R&D department set up long-term strategic cooperation with Northwestern Polytechnical University ,  Xidian University in area of material science, advanced control and new motor designing. Meanwhile we develop a professional talented team with exquisite technique and high passion, and take full advantage of advanced technology to maintain stable and close relationship with customers. To ensure the high efficiency and punctuality of customer’s designing project, R&D department keeps improving process continuously. 

VOLCANO ELECTRIC adhere to our own principle, hold our dreams, and promote our attainment. We value our customers and the whole world, more than our own profit. In decades, a new round development of human society will converge historically with a new round of technological and industrial revolution. Engineering technological progress and innovation will be a critical engine to push the development of human society forward. On a global scale, digital technology is going to drive intelligentization. In the future, it will be a major social change for the rise of automation. We can forecast that a revolution of manufacturing and intelligence will begin. How do we face to drastic changes and challenges? It is believed that we, VOLCANO ELECTRIC, are able to find a new path towards development and prosperity with you! 


DC motors both brushed and brushless. We produce brushed (from 80w to 540w for consistent power) and brushless (from 150w to 15kw for consistent power ) permanent magnet DC motors in metric & NEMA frames, as well as gear motors, controllers and generators.


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