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Bus AC System Motors

1462805900.jpgBus AC system used brushless dc motor
Model Number:    BLDC0.3-76
Type:     Brushless DC Motor
Output Power:    0.4HP
DC Voltage:    24V
Speed Range:   1500rpm
Poles: 4P,  8P…

Brand Name:Volcano ElectricModel Number:BLDC0.3-76Type:Brushless DC Motor
Output Power:0.4HPDC Voltage:24VSpeed Range:1500 RPM
Controller:Customized, OptionalBraker:OptionalInsulation Class:Class B/F/H
Enclosure:IP65Poles:4P, 8P…Wire:100% copper
Duty:intermittent, continuousPlace of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Standard:IEC standard or NEMA standard
Application:bus A/C systems, air compressor, Marine, Home Appliance, Solar Pump DC systems, Other

Product Description

Bus air condition system is consist of compressor、evaporator and condenser. Compressor motor plays the most important part between these three part. The number of evaporator motor and condenser motor depends on the different type of the car. This motor is used in condenser, compare to other brushless dc motor, our motor is more efficiency than the ordinary brushless dc motor.


When the Gaseous refrigerant enter into the compressor, it become the high pressure vapor, then come into condenser. After go through the condenser, the high pressure vapor change into the high pressure liquid. Next, with the thermostatic expansion vaive the high pressure liquid become to the low pressure liquid, finally go through the evaporator to the car.






Advantages of Brushless DC motor:

  • Lower Maintainance and longer lifetime - no brush and commutator erosion

  • Lower noise - the elimination of brush contact

  • Higher power to weight ratio

  • Higher efficiency ( in general higher than 90%)

  • Lower temperature rise - more efficient heat dissipation due to winding construction

  • Reduction of EMI

For customized DC Motors, please contact our technician, Ordinary, we have to know the following information to get a professional proposal:

  • Brushed or Brushless   Customer preference

  • Output power (W)   Horsepower/watts/torque rated at full load speed

  • Voltage (V)   i.e 12v DC …….. 220v AC

  • Motor speed (RPM)   Revolutions per minute of the shaft at full load Voltage 

  • Application   e.g. traction, airconditioning, etc.

  • Duty     Most motors are rated continuous. Some applications however may use motors designed for intermittent duty

  • Configuration/Frame    Our products are according to IEC standard, we also can customize the flange and shaft according to the customer drawing 

  • Controller function     e.g. forward/reverse, variable speed, acceleration profile, etc.

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