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Animal husbandry farm energy-saving fan EC fan all-in-one machine

Preface: With the rapid development of intensive farming in domestic farms and animal husbandry, especially the trend towards larger scale farming, there are many farms with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pigs across the country. The larger the farming scale, the more scientific and rigorous the requirements for environmental management and air circulation. It is an inevitable and efficient management approach to use automated control technology to manage the farm with less human intervention. This energy-saving fan integrated machine for livestock farms has an efficiency of over 90%, up to 92%, and adopts intensive automatic communication intelligent control. It can be widely used in pig farms, chicken farms, cattle farms, cold air fan electrical control systems, and various other breeding industry farms. This product has a significant energy-saving and electricity-saving effect, and is a necessary tool for scientific environmental management and cost-saving to increase profits in medium and large farms.

Application of Negative Pressure Fan Drive Motor Integrated Machine in Animal Husbandry 

--------Energy-saving and Efficient Integrated Drive Motor

    The energy-saving and efficient integrated drive motor produced by Ningbo Volcano Electric Co., Ltd. adopts sintered NdFeB strong magnetic materials, featuring high speed, high torque, high-speed response, and low torque ripple. It also has more advantages:

  • High efficiency: By using high-temperature resistant rare earth strong magnetic materials, precise slot fill rate winding process, high-grade low iron loss silicon steel sheet materials, and design and production of energy-saving and efficient permanent magnet motors paired with drive control, an efficiency of up to 90% can be achieved.

  • High-speed response: The adoption of a sixteen-pole or higher rotor design process, ultra-strong magnetic heat-resistant magnets, and rigorous production processes enable the motor to achieve high-speed dynamic response stability.

  • Low torque ripple: The sinusoidal magnetic field design, reduction of pulsating torque ripples, and realization of high-requirement smooth torque output enable more precise position control.

  • Strong stability: Volcano Electric has an efficient motor R&D and testing department, mastering the core quality of permanent magnet motors. All products undergo strict testing and can only leave the factory after passing.

  • Lightweight and portable: The compact and lightweight design integrates the drive controller and motor, suitable for applications requiring centralized management of air circulation and portable operation in the livestock farm industry environment systems.

EC fan motor

Characteristics of the Livestock Farm Negative Pressure Fan Drive Integrated EC Fan (Motor in front, driver in back)

  1. Adopting a sixteen-pole sinusoidal rare earth permanent magnet material, the permanent magnet synchronous motor design and control dynamic performance are good. The efficiency of this product can reach about 92%, which is 2%~10% higher than some other domestic permanent magnet motor brands. It has an efficiency 20%~30% higher than traditional motors, and at low speeds, the efficiency difference can reach 40%~50% or more;

  2. Rated at 560 rpm, it supports 0-560 rpm speed adjustment. It can run at full speed in hot summers and autumns, and at half speed or set speed in cooler winters and springs;

  3. Standard voltage is 220V, and different voltages can be customized for batch orders;

  4. It supports both automatic control speed adjustment and manual installation and debugging modes: automatic control uses the Modbus communication protocol and RS485 communication interface, through a temperature upper controller communication control, it can achieve automatic temperature control and speed control for the entire farm without frequent manual operation (very suitable for large and medium-sized livestock farms);

  5. Integrated motor in front and driver in back, with a plug-in circuit interface, for intuitive control and convenient maintenance. Volcano Electric's red and black motor housing has a sturdy industrial design;

  6. Adopting a sensorless closed-loop control method, with high speed accuracy and no jitter at low speeds;

  7. The entire motor spindle and drive controller adopt potting moisture-proof and damp-proof processes, reducing product failure rate and extending service life.

Animal husbandry farm fan

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